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Revised December 3, 2014 – Holiday shopping will return to focus for millions of consumers, and that means it’s a great time to identify cash back, rewards and points based credit card offers. Consumers are now searching for balance transfer offers at zero percent through 2016 as well as top card promotions for traveling to warm destinations and perks/points cards for the upcoming holidays.

best 2015 credit cards

The guide to finding the best credit cards in November of 2014 was compiled by author Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page. Our team of finance writers and advisor’s are working hard to uncover great credit cards for every consumer in 2015. We are in the process of reviewing balance transfer cards, cash back, zero percent offers, good or bad credit history approval cards, specialized cards for new students, rewards and points cards, and the best cards for borrowers who are planning to use airline miles or points for their dream vacation. As we get closer to 2015 we will identify the must have Top Credit Cards and the best promotions for every type of card offer. Our team is committed to helping you find the top cards and best deals, we are your number one sources for the best 2015 credit cards and we hope you will bookmark our site, visit our facebook and twitter pages and tell your friends about the great cards we feature online.

Searching for the best credit cards in 2015? Join us as we count down the final months of 2015 and begin looking ahead to the top cards for 2015, we will be reviewing travel credit cards, points, the Apple pay system, cards for borrowers who want to save with a balance transfer, including offers with zero percent until 2016!

2015 Best Cards From all of the major banks and lenders all reviewed online

Tips For How to Find the Best Credit Cards of 2015

Finding the best credit card offers for 2015 may be a little easier than in previous years, because companies have finally caught on to the demands of consumers. Expect more in terms of earnings and less in terms of hassle, and you’re right where you want to be with your next credit card.

What’s In Store?

As a consumer, expect the offers you receive from credit card companies to involve more specifics. Features and functions are more customized and the most appealing offers geared toward the higher credit scores. Most companies are brainstorming new and better ways to make you feel like a card is designed exclusively for you.

Should it Cost You to Spend?

In 2015, the best cards will be the ones that cost nothing to use. This might encourage some consumers to spend more, while others will see it as a penny-pinching opportunity. One option worth considering is choosing a credit card that does not carry an annual fee, there are several good ones that are offered by the major banks worth considering.

Where Do You Want Your Rewards to Come From?

Rewards based cards are popular because they allow consumers to earn something back in return for what they spend. Be it travel miles, discounts on purchases or accumulating reward points, a credit card should work harder for you in 2015 than in previous years.

Who’s Giving the Biggest Bonus in 2015?

There are now dozens of credit cards that are offering perks and points, and several leading banks are offering cash back and sign up rewards as a way to attract new customers. For example, some banks may provide you with an additional statement credit or free miles if you meet certain spending requirements during the first 90 to 180 days. This is a great way to get some additional perks and potential free cash, just from using your credit card for everyday items. There are a wide variety of card offers in the rewards and bonus categories, some will offer you the option of 0% interest as an additional incentive to apply.

What’s the Best Card for Cash Back

This is going to be a personal decision based on your unique shopping patterns and spending habits. One of the best ways to determine what cash back card you need is to examine what you typically use a credit card for. Are you utilizing your card for groceries, gas or only big ticket items. Some providers will give you an extra percentage for select categories.

Which Card is Best Card for You in 2015?

If your credit score permits, be very selective about the cards you apply for in 2015. Because offers are becoming more competitive, the sky is the limit when it comes to high performance plastic. Also, learn to distinguish between a great enticement and a smart card. While initial offers can be very generous, you could pay substantially over the course of the coming year, negating the bonus bells and whistles.

How Can You Improve Your Credit Profile In the Coming Year?

Planning to take advantage of the best credit card offers can help you to manage your money better, thereby improving your financial position. Put the card to work for you in a number of ways and stay organized so that meeting your obligations is effortless.

Customers frequently opt for a credit card that screams the loudest deal, however, in 2015 your best bet may be a multi-tasking budget-conscience card that offers flexibility and manageability. Remember that as a consumer, you are in the driver’s seat. Be picky and be choosy until you find an offer you really can’t refuse.

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